Lake Thirty-three – Mount Heinous (Night 1), Payette National Forest, Idaho

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As usual, I was up in the middle of the night to shoot some astro-photography. The light conditions were a little strange with a partial moon rise just over the horizon and a bit of wind which blurred the clouds and lake. However, the rock peninsula made for an outstanding platform! See John’s trip report here:

With the partial moon, it is tough to get great Milky Way images. Notice the moonshine on the mountains to the right.

Again, looking the other direction, the moonshine is on the mountain to the left and the sky is washed out on the right.

Time to get creative!

Making the magic happen!

Blurry clouds and water due to a little wind and a basin full of moonshine!

The next morning it was cool and a little damp.

Notice the steam coming off the lake.


Ruby, enjoying the first rays on what will be a long day!

I love this image with a double sun star burst and the rays filtered through the trees reflected on the lake steam!

Stay tuned for the Mount Heinous assault!

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