Crystal Lake and Clair Mountain, Payette National Forest, Idaho

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Gradually working our way up Lick Creek as the snow melts towards the summit. See John’s trip report here: John wanted to take us up a non-traditional route to Crystal Lake. It was a little “spicy!” as John likes to say but Nicole loved it!

Amazing views of the Lake Fork Drainage.

Crystal Lake! This is a spot I have taken many images in the past….check them out:

Reflection of Clair Mountain…..Nicole named it Methyl Mountain…..When John said it has no name so we call it Peak 7828 after its elevation, Nicole said “Well, what goes with Crystal?” Being from D.C., that is what she came up with…..I vetoed and thought Clair was a better choice! Clair means clear in French and goes well with Crystal.

More Crystal Lake images:

Looking down on the lake as we headed up to summit Clair Mountain.

Summit shot with cool snag.

John and Nicole on the decent.

Spring is coming to the Fall Creek Basin lower down the mountain.

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