Lake Payette Sunrise, McCall, Idaho

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I have started a 4 week long night time photography class and my homework was to get some sunrise or sunset images…. Well, we haven’t see the sun all week but I was out early today hoping the forecast was wrong and we were in for some clear skies!

Earlier this month I had scouted out this potential sunrise spot on the northern part of Lake Payette. When I arrived, it was pitch dark and there were a few stars poking through but as daybreak started, it was evident that the clouds were rolling in…..

One of my homework assignments was to photograph a recognizable silhouette. Recognize him? Don’t worry, I was at this location shooting for about 3 hours in all and not one car came by.

Another assignment was to photograph man made lights at twilight. Not too many manmade lights here unless you count the reflection of McCall in the clouds and on the water.

No sunrise shots today but interesting clouds non the less!

A closeup of Jughandle Mountain.

There was a little color in the clouds as sunrise came and went. Notice that with this wide angle view, Jughandle Mountain in barely in view.

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