Dollar Creek Falls, Boise National Forest, Idaho

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Today, the forecast called for a showery dreary day and after a bunch of rain yesterday, I was thinking that shooting a creek with spring runoff might be interesting. John had mentioned a waterfalls on Dollar Creek he had seen from a distance several years ago. Click here to check that trip out. A good enough excuse to go on an adventure. See John’s post here:

The Dollar Creek Canyon was in an old burn area with mixed burned and live trees but mostly it was burned out which made for easier viewing of the creek. These mixed burn areas are call Mosaic Burns. It is the result of relatively less intense burning which skips around a bit.


Dollar Creek at this spot is about the same elevation as McCall and with these south slopes the vegetation is showing signs of Spring.

After a relatively unremarkable trail, we needed to bushwhack about a quarter mile to the base of the falls……which up close was more of an intense cascade.

This section of the Dollar Creek Canyon had some pretty cool rock formations! Think Idaho Batholith! Click here for educational purposes! And here:

What John initially sold as “Probably a 30 minute walk”, actually turned out to be about a 4 hour, 6 mile hike and with the high spring flows in Dollar Creek, was a nice wet day adventure! Most importantly, it did not break the windshield rule!!! Keeping with the educational theme of this post, the windshield rule is defined as: The duration of one’s recreational activity shall not be exceeded by the amount of time required to drive there! Furthermore, when John says it is a 30 minute hike, what he is really saying is: “It will be a hike of unknown duration, bring a lunch!”

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