Goose Creek, Valley County, Idaho

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Out for another springtime classic here in McCall, you can check out my post on last year’s outing as well.

The flowers were out!

Here is an interesting potted plant along the trail, you can also check out last year’s blog to see the same potted plant!

Here, Ruby is doing her flower pose!

The truth is, about a week ago, Ruby sprained her foot and has been on injured reserve. As a result, she has had to miss the last few hikes. She is feeling much better now so she joined us on this fairly mellow stroll along Goose Creek. I’m not sure who was happier, Ruby being out again or me having my model back!!!!

Here are some creek images.

Goose Creek Falls.

So, these images don’t give much scale to the falls so I shot this one of John below the falls and it gives you an idea of the size.

Finally, an interesting image of Pont de l’Oie Ruinseau, cross at your own risk!

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