Coronavirus, Montgomery, Texas

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No XFL, no Houston Rodeo, no NCAA basketball, the gym is closed, I read that the nordic center at Bogus has closed….. so what is a Type A to do these days? Well apparently ride your bike! This image is from a gas station near Montgomery we call “Taco Corner”. Taco Corner is a famous cycling location here in Houston as it happens to be at the intersection of multiple popular routes. With the high summer temperatures and humidity, it is a critical stopping spot to reload bottles and get a snack. This Saturday, my normal group of about 10 mates and I rolled into Taco Corner and found a parking lot full of cyclists. I estimate there were about 40 to 50 folks from at least 5 different groups taking a break. We stopped for about 15 minutes and visited with our fellow Coronavirus refugees, bumping elbows and sharing stories. Then on we went….. In three years here in Texas, I have never seen as many cyclist on the road as I saw this weekend. I’m not sure what that says about cyclists, but there it is!

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