Sam Houston National Forest, New Waverly, Texas

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Texas Tim is in town this weekend and he just cleared his 2 week corona virus quarantine so we headed just north of Spring for one of our favorite cross rides.

It was a beautiful morning with a little haze in the air. We reckoned that they were doing a some controlled burning in the Sam Houston Forest. It reminded me a bit of McCall in September.

After a few miles of country roads rolling through the small ranches, we entered the gravel roads of the National Forest.

Along the way, we rolled past the shores of Lake Conroe. As you can see, no wind and a 70 degree morning, a far cry from the temps I encountered in Idaho last month.

Yes folks, that is a hill! We do have some here in this part of Texas!

The only thing missing in this picture is my product model, Ruby! Guess I need to learn how to Photoshop her onto my bike images!

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