Cuba Bonus Blog, Pinar del Rio to Las Terrazas!

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Now that I am back in action with a new camera, I inserted my memory chip and discovered a half day’s worth of images which I shot right before my camera died!

Below is a sunrise photo in the Pinar del Rio region as we departed and headed for Las Terrazas.

The fields here are all tilled by teams of oxen. Here the team is parked taking a break.

I had thought I shot some images of the homes here. They are all very colorful and all nearly the same design.

It is very common to see small farm animals running around these country homes.

This region is very hilly and very beautiful!

My favorite image of the day!

Finally, an image of a fruit and vegetable stand. I’m guessing the owner of the paint store in Cuba is the wealthiest family in the country!

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