We arrived in the small village of Vineales and for all intents and purposes stepped back to the 1930’s and 40s. Roads were primitive and transportation was mostly by horse and foot. Traffic was minimal because nobody has a car!

Here is a tobacco field with emerging tobacco. A tobacco drying shed is in the distance.

I have never been to a place where horses are still a primary means of transportation.

Here is a view from inside a drying shed. All the poles are used for hanging tobacco leaves and outside is a tobacco field.

Notice the road has a few pot holes? The Backroads guides were brilliant at selling the rough roads saying every day that we were going to get a “Cuban Ass Massage! After a few days however, the cumulative effect felt more like a Cuban Caning.

Here is our hotel for two nights….. I believe is was a hold over from the Soviet era.

We found that if you stared long and hard enough at this sign in the shower that you would swear the water was actually starting to get warm! More likely was that our skin was getting numb.

Our restaurant for the evening. The foot path in the foreground is actually how you get there!

Stay tuned!

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