Finally! Adventure blog content for my followers!!! As many of you know, I was in Cuba last week and that I was operating a little differently than I usually do as I posted no content from there. Well, from the moment we hit the ground, things were quite different than I have ever experienced! Internet? Yeah it existed….. sort of! Therefore, I will be posting pictures throughout this week as I re-live this surreal adventure!

First, as an American, it is quite difficult to arrange a visit to Cuba as we have imposed an embargo on everything coming from the US to Cuba and vise versa, including people. However, there do exist ways to make it happen and a bike tour with the Backroads Tour Company is one. Our official tour did not start until Sunday morning. We were allowed to stay one extra night in the country so we booked a hotel in downtown Havana.

It was a beautiful evening and view from our rooftop hotel. We watched the sunset then headed to dinner.

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