2019 Editors Choice Top Three Images of the Year

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Thank you to my blog followers for voting on your top images of the year. You might be wondering what my top three images might be….here ya go!

First Place, French Tree Farm, Lamarche-sur-Saône, France

This is the first time this image has been published, I have intentionally held it back because it has been my favorite since the moment I shot it in April. It actually comes close to representing the incredible beauty in that moment. The lighting was surreal!

Second Place, Square Top Self Portrait, Valley County, Idaho

As many of you know, I don’t particularly like people in my photography but this image captures the essence of why I shoot photography. Remote places and rare moments! In this case, sunrise with a cup of coffee looking down on Square Top Lake and to the left is Square Top Peak, both not pictured! However, if you look closely above my right shoulder, you can see what looks like a lens flare, those are actually a couple of small lakes reflecting the sun.

Third Place, Summit Lake, Valley County, Idaho

There is something about this image that has great mystery for me. It’s part of a series of photos I shot that July morning, a series which also produced the viewer’s choice second place image. Again, I feel like it captures the feeling that I had in the moment it was shot, something which I think is hard to do in photography. The cold mist on my skin, sound of wolves howling nearby, the spooky feeling of the fog and the surreal colors of the light. To some, the distortion of the trees on the edges of the lens is undesirable but for me it has become a hallmark of my wide angle photography. Summit Lake, one of my favorite places in the world!

It is with this post that I wrap up 2109, thank you to everyone who followed my adventures! I’m working hard to improve this blog experience for 2020 so please keep coming back! Additionally, I have some very cool adventures planed for this year…. Au revoir 2019!

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