Davefaitlemonde.com Viewer Choice, Image of the Year, 2019

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This is the portion of the blog where y’all get a chance to pick a favorite image of the year. Below are some of my favorite images of the year from the Year in Review Series. Pick your favorite Davefaitlemonde.com image of the year from this list or anywhere else on the 2019 blog, email me your selection and I will enter you in a drawing to win a print of that image. A couple of contest rules…. If you win the drawing, you can’t have a print that has already been sold or used (few have, marked as N/A) but you can pick another one, size of the print is limited to 16″ x 24″, and if you are shipping internationally, that postage will be extra. Sound reasonable? Email me your selection by Christmas Day, 2019. The drawing and winner will be announce by January 1, 2020. Thank you to everyone who follow my adventures!

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