Spring Creek Trail, The Woodlands, Texas

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I went out today for one of my twice weekly dirt rides and finally had a chance to ride the west portion of the Spring Creek Trail. It’s a very nice section of trail close to home.

My complements to the Bayou Land Conservancy for putting this 13 mile nature trail into our community. As a trail advocate from Idaho, I know how hard these things can become. I also want to thank them for allowing mountain bikers, sometimes not the case on a nature trail. Mountain bikers, if you use this trail please be courteous to the other trail users. It’s not a race course or training grounds! Enjoy it for what it is, a beautiful nature experience in the middle of a city.

As you wind your way along Spring Creek, occasionally you start hearing traffic noise and are reminded that civilization is not far away.

A few ponds with some expansive views.

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