Asheville at Night, North Carolina

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Well, I’m sure some of my more astute blog readers are asking yourself “Why does your home page sometime show an image of a post from a future post? An excellent question! Unfortunately, I don’t have an answer as my page editor automatically selects images for the home page…. My best guess is that it’s something related to the Wave Function Collapse in quantum mechanics where an observation of the blog somehow forces a collapse of future images….. As Schrodinger is know for his cat, perhaps some day I will be know for my image… Dave’s blog is alive not dead!!! Okay, I’ve gone kookoo for coco puffs and its all related to a book I just read and recommend for you, The Simulation Hypothesis by Rizwan Virk. But I digress. Sunset!

The Vance Monument. A confederate officer, governor and senator from nearby.

The county building on the left and the city building on the right.

Finally, Pack Square Park without Nicole.

And with Nicole! Fun with light!

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