Today we rode up towards the North of Bédoin through the towns of Malaucéne, Vaison la Romaine and Lafare. We start off in the foothills of Mont Ventoux and end up looping back in the classic Provencal countryside.

As usual, the roads were quite with the bustling summer crowds all gone now!

The Vineyards are all in some hue of yellow.

L’Ouvéze River as it comes out of the mountains up north.

The village of Entrechaux in the gap below the sun.

The valley above Vaison La Romaine with the village of Crestet on the hillside right of image.

The ancient city of Vaison la Romaine dates back to 100 BC.

Our French Castle Peak in the distance looking from the other side.

The village of Lafare.

The village of La Roque Alric.

Finally, the village of Crillon le Brave with Mont Ventoux on its left hip. Bédoin is just over the hill.

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