Granite Mountain, Payette National Forest, Idaho

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After a last month’s expeditions with full packs, John and I were looking for a mellow(ish) Tuesday day hike. We choose a local favorite, Granite Mountain, a mere 2000 foot gain over about 3.5 miles. Although this hike is close to town and not all that difficult, technically, John has never bagged this peak until today!

The fall colors were out and the snow got deeper as we moved up the mountain. Check out John’s trip report when available.

This hike is fairly popular in the summer and is known for it’s views. Today there weren’t too many views. The Lookout at the top was boarded up for the winter.

The limited views off to the west.

Ruby looking down on Twin Lakes. Its hunting season so she is sporting her fall fashion line.

Winter has arrived in the high country!

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