Enos Lake, (Day One) Payette National Forest

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After a couple of weeks of traveling and not doing much photography, I met up with my kids and talked John into leading us on a classic Idaho backcountry adventure, Enos Lake! Be sure to check John’s web site. http://www.splattski.com/2019/enos/index.html The trip starts off with a mellow march past Duck Lake then up and over into the upper Loon Creek Drainage. Fall colors are showing!

Along the way, we were buzzed by a Forest Service plane, not sure exactly what they were doing but we were above them on the ridge, that was intresting! John posted a pretty amazing video of the same plane, make sure to check that out on his trip report.

Dropping into Lick Creek

Hee Lake!

Haw Lake with South Loon Peak in the distance…… stay toned for more on South Loon Peak!

After a super long day, finally, we reach the saddle over Enos Lake! My kids who live at sea level did not appreciate the elevation which tops out at about 8800 feet here. Enos Lake about 1000 feet below.

Enos Lake finally!

A few images of Enos Lake in the evening.

Finally, a note about our meals. We generally have Mountain House dehydrated meals every evening. Since we generally have too much time on our hands, we start making fun of the packaging photo of the incredibly happy and diverse group of models who have never been camping!

And here is our best effort to create our own Mountain House Photo!

Stay tuned for the next episode of Enos Lake Adventures!!!!

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