Seven Devils Wilderness Day 1, Idaho

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Headed out for a multi day trip into the Seven Devils Wilderness with John and Tom.  See John’s trip report here.

David BeckMcCallDSC07340

David BeckMcCallDSC07346

A look down on Mirror Lake on the way into our base camp.  Tower of Babel behind the lake.

David BeckMcCallDSC07348

Great views all the way around.

David BeckMcCallDSC07350

Our first look down onto Sheep Lake with the He Devil Peak (right) and She Devil Peak (left) behind the lake.  Stay tuned, we climb these two mountains later in the trip.  Our camp site is on the far side of the lake under the He Devil.

David BeckMcCallDSC07353

Another look at the basin with the first unnamed peak we will climb on the right.

David BeckMcCallDSC07357

It wasn’t long and we finished setting up camp and started enjoying the views.

David BeckMcCallDSC07360

Here is a view looking back from where we came into the basin.  The trail is hung in the rocks on the left shoulder of the ridge.  You can just make out the line of trees headed up to the left.

David BeckMcCallDSC07362

David BeckMcCallDSC07369

Tom, fishing for Moby!

David BeckMcCallDSC07375

David BeckMcCallDSC07376

Notice the Moon in the gap between He Devil and She Devil, both in the sky and the reflection!

David BeckMcCallDSC07380

Every angle had great light and views!

David BeckMcCallDSC07382

David BeckMcCallDSC07386

After a beautiful evening, we were in bed early in order to start in our climbing adventures in the morning.  Stay tuned!

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