Cold Meadows Trail Work Expedition, Part 3, Frank Church Wilderness Area, Idaho

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The next day we are off and working our way to Black Lake.

David BeckMcCallDSC07035

Finally, after three days, our first view of Black Lake.

David BeckMcCallDSC07037

With two nights scheduled at the lake, we had time do a little R & R.

David BeckMcCallDSC07109

Dave is a fish’s worst nightmare!  However, I told him for photography purposes, he needs to switch to a brighter fishing line.  You can just make his cast out in the trees.

David BeckMcCallDSC07088

Here we have Tommy whippin the water!

David BeckMcCallDSC07097

David BeckMcCallDSC07102

Taking time to pose for a group shot after wrapping up the final cut.  This is our bad ass look, I think Arthur’s is the best!

David BeckMcCallDSC07073

Arthur making another fire.


Arthur demonstrating the desired rain configuration, we did have rain one night and a good storm the next day.




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