Pucon to Puerto Fuy, Chile

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Our last evening in Pucon was a night on the town, while everybody scattered when we arrive, to the bars and shopping, I grabbed my camera and headed for the pre-sunset at the harbor.

Unfortunately the volcano was shrouded in clouds.

David BeckChileDSC03210.JPGDavid BeckChileDSC03202David BeckChileDSC03218David BeckChileDSC03223David BeckChileDSC03203David BeckChileDSC03219

Then is was a 100 km ride to Puerto Fuy past more volcanos and lakes.

This is the Shoshuenco Volcano as seen over Lago Neltume.  As you can see, our weather is quite spectacular!

David BeckChileDSC03226David BeckChileDSC03225

A cover shot of two adventure mountain bikers along the lake.



Here are some other random iPhone shots from along the way.  Remember is is Fall down here.






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