The Milky Way, Planet Earth

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Last night, the low temperature was about 7 degrees but the sky was clear.  I woke up about 1:00 am and trudged out into the cold, moonless abyss!  My first attempt at Milky Way Photography!  Not perfect conditions as there was a bit of haze and the Milky Way was barely visible, not to mention, it only took about 45 minutes and my hands were too cold to operate the settings!  I did learn a few things about night time photography so maybe better images are in my future?!?

david beckmccalldsc02895_1

The position of the Milky Way was over McCall.  Notice how the left side of the image is brighter and more washed out, there was just enough atmospheric haze that the lights of McCall washed out the stars in that direction.   If only I had an app that could tell me exactly where and when the Milky Way is located!

david beckmccalldsc02885

david beckmccalldsc02876

david beckmccalldsc02873

david beckmccalldsc02900

david beckmccalldsc02896

Looking away from the center of the Milky Way, far fewer stars looking out towards inter-galactic space!

david beckmccalldsc02886

That is a lot of stars!  Looking at all those stars, no wonder Enrico Fermi said WTF!

david beckmccalldsc02895

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