Vietnam in video!

Here are a bunch of videos I shot while trying to ride my bike.  Hopefully gives a taste of what the riding was like.

Notice in this video the rice fields in different stages of growth, they get 3 crops a year here so some are yellow and ready to harvest, others are still growing.

Newly planted rice, and a duck farm

More water crossings, it is a delta after all.

A typical intersection here, lots of honking but not in anger, I saw exactly zero road rage. The honking is simply, I’m right here, just letting you know!  Somehow this all works!

So, you are ready to ride your bike here?  Well here is a little taste of what it’s like…. its like swimming in a school of fish!

The truth is, I felt way safer here than I do in the Woodlands or going down Hill Road in Boise.  ALL the drivers pay attention and are very skilled and courteous, nobody gets angry!

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