Krack!!!!!  I bet y’all wondered where I went!  I’ve been in Southeast Asia for the last week with very limited access to GOOD internet.  We just got off our river cruise boat here in Southern Vietnam and are spending the night in Saigon before we fly back tomorrow, finally some good internet!  As a result, I have a backlog of blog material so I will lump them together in a couple posts.

Turns out this area is a target rich environment for a photographer.  It has really pushed my bounds as I don’t normally shoot these types of subjects…..  here is a mix of iPhone and DSLR stuff.

Angkor Wat Temple

david becksiam reapdsc02587

david becksiam reapdsc02581david becksiam reapdsc02574

david becksiam reapdsc02422

david becksiam reapdsc02556david becksiam reapdsc02542

Ta Prohm Temple….. Ever seen the movie Tomb Raider?

david becksiam reapdsc02522

You know I like to shoot trees!david becksiam reapdsc02519david becksiam reapdsc02517

david becksiam reapdsc02508

david becksiam reapdsc02504

Random cycling pictures

david becksiam reapdsc02462

david becksiam reapdsc02486

david becksiam reapdsc02460

david becksiam reapdsc02444

david becksiam reapdsc02433

Cambodian National Mountain Bike Champion was one of our guides, well I assumed he was national champ, he might be the only one!



Other random images

david becksiam reapdsc02594

Was it crowded here?  Ummm yeah, everywhere!  Lots of people, especially in the temples, what a challenge to get photography without people!

david becksiam reapdsc02428

david becksiam reapdsc02607

Love this image of Natalie, one of the other tour guests, this image has so much going on, here are just a few…. Parents in the background watching over kids, cow image right, the blue cart, palm trees, Natalie with her natural personality, bonding with the kids, but especially the kids progressing from behind the barb wire, perhaps a reference to the recent past Khmer Rouge?  Only the photographer knows!

david becksiam reapdsc02478


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