Mekong River Cruise, Luang Prabang, Laos

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An incredible day of photography and bike riding along the Mekong River.  It started before sunrise with shots over the swimming pool at breakfast

David BeckLaung PrabangDSC02287

River cruise on the Mekong, letting the pictures do the talking!

David BeckLaung PrabangDSC02300


David BeckLaung PrabangDSC02341


David BeckLaung PrabangDSC02302

David BeckLaung PrabangDSC02307

David BeckLaung PrabangDSC02325

David BeckLaung PrabangDSC02333

Departing the boat we passed a market on our way to a waterfall hike.  In full disclosure, this next photo was shot under the direction of Nicole, full credit goes to her for content.

David BeckLaung PrabangDSC02358

David BeckLaung PrabangDSC02359

David BeckLaung PrabangDSC02370

David BeckLaung PrabangDSC02376

David BeckLaung PrabangDSC02377

This place is a photographers dream!  So much content to shoot!

David BeckLaung PrabangDSC02382



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