We  spent today in a beach area south of Bangkok called Phuket.  Please keep in mind that in Thailand, “Ph” is pronounced “P’ not “F”…. you knuckleheads!  It was a relaxing day eating, working out, hiking, and shooting photos with my amazing daughter!

I will get the tree photos out of the way first!




Nicole’s first ever toes in the Indian Ocean


While scouting the evening photo shoot, Nicole spied a high point off in the distance (center of photo).  We searched List of John for info, then http://www.splatski.com for possible previous summits, but found none.  Nicole enjoys hiking as much as me, so off we went into the humid, 90 degree day!


Route finding was a bit challenging at first, but luckily using Nicoles DC street smarts and my summer of hiking with Johnny, we were able to navigate our route without any mis-steps, so to speak.


It was a pretty good effort to the top, mostly class 1.


A summit hug!


Nice views from the top!

David BeckPhuketDSC02127

David BeckPhuketDSC02121

The arts-fartcy view.

David BeckPhuketDSC02133

Now onto the previously scouted sunset shoot.

David BeckPhuketDSC02141

David BeckPhuketDSC02143

David BeckPhuketDSC02156

David BeckPhuketDSC02177

David BeckPhuketDSC02187

David BeckPhuketDSC02190


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