Phuket, Thailand

We  spent today in a beach area south of Bangkok called Phuket.  Please keep in mind that in Thailand, “Ph” is pronounced “P’ not “F”…. you knuckleheads!  It was a relaxing day eating, working out, hiking, and shooting photos with my amazing daughter!

I will get the tree photos out of the way first!




Nicole’s first ever toes in the Indian Ocean


While scouting the evening photo shoot, Nicole spied a high point off in the distance (center of photo).  We searched List of John for info, then for possible previous summits, but found none.  Nicole enjoys hiking as much as me, so off we went into the humid, 90 degree day!


Route finding was a bit challenging at first, but luckily using Nicoles DC street smarts and my summer of hiking with Johnny, we were able to navigate our route without any mis-steps, so to speak.


It was a pretty good effort to the top, mostly class 1.


A summit hug!


Nice views from the top!

David BeckPhuketDSC02127

David BeckPhuketDSC02121

The arts-fartcy view.

David BeckPhuketDSC02133

Now onto the previously scouted sunset shoot.

David BeckPhuketDSC02141

David BeckPhuketDSC02143

David BeckPhuketDSC02156

David BeckPhuketDSC02177

David BeckPhuketDSC02187

David BeckPhuketDSC02190


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