Christmas Eve, Bangkok, Thailand

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Bangkok by day

David BeckBangkokDSC02089

Bangkok by night

David BeckBangkokDSC02099

Tree photography, which I have not realized till now that I weirdly enjoy…..


David BeckBangkokDSC02090

Buddhist Temples, this image had the potential to be amazing…. however, shot from a moving boat at night with an iPhone at bad angle and with hazy skyies…. its a snap shot.



Christmas fireworks from our Christmas Eve dinner cruise



A sharp eye will detect that the air here is quite hazy resulting in images which are a bit washed out.  I keep cleaning my lens thinking it’s smudged, but its not.  An even sharper eye will detect that I have discovered the “dehazing” slider in my photo editor.  Its easy to over cook some of the photo editing tools, I find myself  using my photo editor much like a teenage girl who has just discovered facial makeup.   I might need to back down the eye shadow just a little bit!

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