Kathy’s Lake(s) Mission Accomplished! Payette National Forest

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Today was an amazing blue bird Fall day into Kathy’s Lake which sits in the Upper Loon Creek Drainage with John, Art and Ruby.  See John’s Trip report:  http://www.splattski.com/2018/kathys/index.html  Two weeks ago, John and I attempted this hike but we were turned around by thunder and lighting.

This is Duck Lake along the way, we stopped here briefly to reflect!


Great view of Sawtooth Peak which John and I climbed and I filed a trip report on August 8th.  That is Duck Lake below.  Notice the cool reflections even up here.


Top of the ridge looking down the Loon Creek Drainage, a place were few folks venture!  That is Hee Lake below.


Obligatory Ruby Image with Lost Art’s Peak in the background.  By the way, we are hiking today with The Art!  Can you see Ruby?  To the right of the image are North and South Loon Peaks, the two highest peaks in the McCall area, 9500 feet and 9300 feet respectively.


Kathy’s Lake, named after Art’s mom.




The sky was spectacular all day!


Hiking out to Upper Kathy’s Lake, this looks down on the lower one.


John and Art having a spot of tea at Upper Kathy’s Lake


Hiking back out.  This is John with one of the 5 Hum peaks in the background……Hum 2 I believe.


This fella is artfully negotiating a rock ledge near the summit of Loon Creek Pass



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