Blacktip Mountain/Bruin Mountain, Payette National Forest

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A couple days ago, I had John Platt and his wife come visit me.  One thing I have learned about John Platt is that he doesn’t need much of a reason to go climb a mountain!  While on my deck, he pointed to the peak in the middle and said “Dave, you must climb to the top of that mountain right there so you can say you did!”  That was less than a week ago and today we climbed it!  Along with another one just out of view call Bruin Mountain….. just because it was nearby!


Here is the top of Blacktip although, technically, the next peak over is the actual Blacktip but you can’t see it from my house and its a little to scary for Dave to climb!


The second tallest peak in the middle of the screen in the distance was our second peak of today as seen from Blacktip.


Looking east down French Creek.


View of John resting near the top of Bruin.


View from the top of Bruin and a rare summit sighting of a Bear on Bruin!  Hazard Lakes in the background.






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