Chrono Kristin Armstrong! Emmett, Idaho

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I spent the last two days helping out with the UCI time trial event Chrono Kristin Armstrong.  It was the only UCI sanctioned time trial in the United States this year and had some of the best time trial specialists in the world participate, including the reining woman’s national time trial champion, multiple other current past and present national champions and former world time trial champions!


The event finish was held at the Firebird Raceway, a drag strip raceway located near Emmett, Idaho  A super cool venue!!!!





And the men’s winner….

My buddy Serg Tvetcov!!!!  Former Team Exergy racer and probably the nicest guy in the professional peloton!


But now, after two weeks of being pulled in many different directions, mostly not my own, its back to God’s Country!!!  Expect some incredible blog posts over the next couple of weeks!  Stay Tuned!!!!!!

A sneak preview!


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