My blog views are way down since the end of my cross country journey so today we are going to play what’s wrong with this photo?  Check the end of the blog for the answers:

What’s wrong photo 1:


What’s wrong with the photo 2, this will help you find what’s wrong with photo 1!


What’s wrong photo 3IMG_8596

What’s wrong with photo 4:


Ok, this is a hard one!  Photo 5:


Answers to whats wrong with this photo!

Photo 1:  See photo two only menage a trois!

Photo 2:  Self evident I hope, check out the guy behind the counter telling his buddy not to do it!

Photo 3:  Right dog, wrong town…. only Nicole will get that one.  Sorry, inside joke!

Photo 4:  French construction worker over Jill’s left shoulder, Tattoo, bad ass look, and man purse….. It’s european!!!

Photo 5:  This is Ian!  He is our host here in Caromb, Ian is an amazing guy who looks french, lives in Provence, speaks english like a Brit and doesn’t speak much french, but hails from India….. and brought us amazing Indian Chi Tea last night!!!  Thank you Ian!!!

Now a couple images from the Monday Market in Bedoin, an amazing little village at the base of Mont Ventoux.








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