Stage 11 Belves to Lalbenque

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Todays stage was the longest and hardest of the trip so far.  I was boxed in with about a 4 hour window between rain storms and with about a 4 hour ride, it was time to put my head down and get the job done.  Throw in just under 3000 feet of climbing and a good stiff head wind, it was a hard day.  The good news, if felt great today, best hard effort I’ve had since February 28th, the Sunday before my accident….. I felt like a cyclist again today!!!!  However, with my shoulder to the pedals all day, I had little time to stop and take pictures along the way.  Trust me, the small towns and country roads were as good as any so far.  Since I’ve had some complaints about all the amazing road pictures to date, I will give Y’all a day off.  Simply a few shots from around Lalbenque, my finishing town….. which by the way, if any of you remember Marie, our french exchange student, their family has a vacation home a couple kilometers from here, you can see why!





Sorry for the pavement in these shots….




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